The clinical management of neuromuscular disorders in intensive care

Damian MS, Wijdicks EFM. The clinical management of neuromuscular disorders in intensive care. Neuromuscular disorders : NMD 2019;29:85-96.

Damian_2019_Neuromuscul Disord. Feb;29(2);85-96



Life-threatening neuromuscular disorders affect a small, but growing group of patients in the intensive care unit who present special management problems, as well as great therapeutic opportunities. In inflammatory conditions, a cure is often possible, and for chronic, genetic or degenerative conditions, achieving the previous level of function is the target. Neuromuscular experts and intensivists need to cooperate closely to achieve the best possible outcomes. They need to acquire a very specific set of skills, including both a thorough understanding of the mechanics of ventilation as well as familiarity with the diagnostic categories of genetic and of autoimmune diseases. This review of the clinical management of adult neuromuscular disease in the ICU aims to provide an overview of the most important conditions encountered in the ICU and a practical approach to their diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment.

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